Professor Tatjana Jukić
Principal Investigator
Tatjana Jukić is Professor and Chair of English Literature in the Department of English at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, where she teaches Victorian literature and arts, and film studies. She has been invited to lecture on literary history, theory and film by universities and research institutes in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. President of the Croatian Association for the Study of English. From 2014 to 2018 she was the Principal Investigator in the research project titled „A Cultural History of Capitalism: Britain, America, Croatia“ (funded by The Croatian Science Foundation).
Jukić is author of two books: Liking, Dislike, Supervision. Literature and the Visual in Victorian Britain (Zazor, nadzor, sviđanje. Dodiri književnog i vizualnog u britanskom devetnaestom stoljeću, Zagreb, 2002) and Revolution and Melancholia. Limits of Literary Memory (Revolucija i melankolija. Granice pamćenja hrvatske književnosti, Zagreb, 2011). While the first explores the intersections of the visual and the literary in Victorian culture in relation to the Victorian handling of politics, colonial experience, subjectivity and sexuality, the second undertakes to analyze the complex relationship of the event of the revolution in modern societies, especially in the former Yugoslavia, to the junctures of subjectivity and political economy. Revolution and Melancholia was singled out by Oslobođenje, the leading Sarajevo daily newspaper, as the event of 2011 in literary studies. In addition, Jukić has published in The Henry James Review, Victorian Studies, Orbis Litterarum, Style, Neue Rundschau and European Journal of English Studies, among others. Her most recent research, on the Victorian chthonic sublime, came out in The Cambridge Companion to the Romantic Sublime (ed. Cian Duffy), 2023. She is currently completing a book titled The Invention of Masochism. Croatian Literature in Austria-Hungary.

Professor Borislav Knežević
Borislav Knežević is Professor in the Department of English at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. He teaches courses in Victorian literature, the modern British novel and history of the English novel. As visiting assistant professor he worked at Wake Forest University in 1998-2000, and again in 2003/4.
He is the author of two books: Figures of Finance Capitalism. Writing, Class, and Capital in the Age of Dickens (2003) and Reading Joyce after the Postcolonial Turn (2012). He has also published a number of articles dealing with Victorian novels, topics in film studies, and approaches to the study of English literature as an academic discipline. His work, both in the two books and in the published articles, has most often been focused on social and economic topics in English literature. He is currently working on thematizations of work in Victorian literature.

Jelena Šesnić, Full Professor
I teach American literature and culture in the Department of English at the Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, where I am also the Chair of American Studies Program. My research  is focused on the American and transatlantic nineteenth-century, methodologies of American Studies, the cultural production of the Anglophone Croatian diaspora, and memory studies.


Martina Domines, Associate Professor
Martina Domines is Associate Professor in the English Department, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. She is the author of William Wordsworth and Romantic Memory (William Wordsworth i romantičko sjećanje, Zagreb: FFPress, 2021) and co-editor with Cian Duffy of Romanticism and the Cultures of Infancy (Cham Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020). She has published widely on the writers of British Romanticism. Her interests include literary history, the intersections of ethics, aesthetics and politics, trauma theory and the new poverty studies. Since she finished the programme of the Centre for Women’s Studies, Zagreb, in 2021, her interests have been enlarged to include women’s writing with the special focus on the British working-class women writers.
She is currently the deputy head of the English Department and the vice-president of the Croatian Association for the Study of English.